CAFO Permitting

Applying for a CAFO permit and managing the reporting can be overwhelming for many farms. We can help! Our nutrient management specialists help our customers apply for CAFO permit coverage and work closely with each farm to meet recordkeeping requirements. We aim to ensure our customers are educated on CAFO issues and that all CAFO-related inspections and DEP communications are successful. Contact Rosetree Consulting for CAFO permitting.

Here’s what customers can expect:

  • Initial on-farm visits to collect background information and fill out CAFO application forms
  • Collaboration with your construction and township planning teams.
  • Distribution of all notifications to local & county agencies + any public notices
  • Submission of the permit package to PA DEP
  • Representation at any CAFO-related meeting the farm has with PA DEP or county agencies
  • Meeting to review new permits and discuss recordkeeping responsibilities
  • Development of farm-specific standard operating procedures when needed
  • Annual meeting to review records and confirm all recordkeeping is up to date.
  • Development & submission of the required year-end CAFO Annual Report.  
Rosetree consulting CAFO

From the initial site visit to on-farm CAFO inspection & managing farm records, Rosetree Consulting’s staff will provide the peace of mind you need to comply with your regulatory obligations.  

Are You a CAFO?

There are 3 ways PA Farms meet the threshold for requiring a CAFO permit.  

  1. Exceed 1,000 animal units
  2. Exceed any one of the following thresholds
    1. 700 mature dairy cows
    2. 1,000 veal calves
    3. 2,500 swine, 55 lbs or more
    4. 10,000 swine, 55 lbs or less
    5. 500 horses
    6. 10,000 sheep or lambs
    7. 55,000 turkeys
    8. 30,000 layers or broilers, liquid manure system
    9. 125,000 broilers, dry manure system
    10. 82,000 layers, dry manure system
    11. 30,000 ducks, dry manure system
    12. 5,000 ducks, liquid manure system
  3. Be designated a CAO (confined animal operation – more than 2 animal units per acre) and have over 300 animal units.
Rosetree consulting CAFO
Rosetree consulting CAFO
Rosetree consulting CAFO

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