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Crop Consulting

Crop Consulting Services can identify yield limiting issues before losses occur. The goal of our scouting service is to educate our clients on field conditions (pest pressure, soil conditions, visual signs of nutrient deficiencies) and provide information that allows for more informed decisions. Full Service Crop Consulting includes bi-weekly scouting during critical growth stages for each crop as well as all the benefits of our Basic Soil Testing Service.

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Soil Testing

Soil testing is the foundation of a successful fertility plan that optimizes crop production. Our Basic Soil Testing Services samples ½ of all fields on an annual, rotating basis. Annual meetings with growers are held to discuss soil test results and develop fertility and pesticide plans for the upcoming growing season. This service also includes recordkeeping for manure applications and Manure Management / Nutrient Management Plans and tracking of average P&K levels to identify trends in soil fertility.

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Regulatory Services

Agricultural regulations affect all operations. Most regulations focus on protecting water quality from sediment and nutrient runoff. RTC views successful compliance with regulations as a continual conversation, not just focusing on what is necessary for compliance today, but also looking at what may be asked of the ag community in years to come. There is often an overlap in practices that have a positive impact on profitability and a positive impact on water quality. Rosetree Consulting is able to develop and maintain recordkeeping for the following Regulatory Plans:

Nutrient Management
• NRCS-590
• PA Act 38
• Manure Management Plans
• Nutrient Balance Sheets

Conservation Planning to satisfy the requirements of:
• Land Preservation
• Conservation District

CAFO permitting

Odor Management planning for new or expanding CAO and CAFO operations.

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Precision Ag Services

Precision agriculture is the wave of the future. Rosetree’s Precision Ag Services can help fine-tune your operation’s input costs and maximize your yields. Whether you’re looking for grid or zone soil sampling, prescription application cards for variable rate fertilizer or planting or in-season UAV (drone) scouting of your fields, we have the knowledge and equipment to successfully transition your operation into the future.

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Serving Eastern & Central Pennsylvania as well as most parts of New Jersey, Rosetree Consulting is happy to discuss any agricultural or environmental concern you may have about your operation.
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