Nutrient Management and Manure Management

All Pennsylvania farms that produce or utilize manure are required to have a nutrient management and manure management plan in place. A Manure Management Plan is necessary for farms with fewer than 2.0 Animal Equivalent Units per acre. For those operations exceeding 2.0 Animal Equivalent Units per acre, an Act 38 Nutrient Management Plan is needed. Not sure which one you need? Call us & we will help you calculate your Animal Equivalent Units.

For either type of plan, our certified plan writers typically make 1-2 site visits on the farm for data collection and identification of issues that may have negative impacts on water quality prior to plan development and submission. We will take any needed soil tests and manure tests for the development of the plan & work with any manure importers; an operation has to get Nutrient Balance Sheets in place.

For Act 38 Nutrient Management Plans, our staff can attend all plan review meetings for conservation district & SCC inspections. We provide a sampling of manure for all manure groups (RTC will obtain solid manure samples; producers will be given bottles for collection of liquid manures) and are available for any soil testing needed for plan development.