Farm Planning & Annual Crop Management Report

Success doesn’t happen by accident! It is planned, and Rosetree Agronomists can help develop a plan for your crops to achieve high yields while managing input costs. Each of our soil testing and scouting customers and many of our regulatory customers value our Farm Planning & Annual Crop Management Report. Our trained agronomists take the time to review soil test results, talk about manure & fertilizer needs to address soil test deficiencies and provide field-by-field or crop-by-crop fertility plans. We also discuss herbicide options and provide herbicide plans for meeting weed control needs. This meeting and planning process is also the perfect time to discuss ideas for increasing yield on your farm and learning about new products & strategies.

Our Annual Crop Management Report is your daily go-to for crop management decisions. Manure records, manure analysis, limestone needs, fertilizer needs, and crop-specific strategies are presented in a report that is easy to navigate. You can see an example of our Annual Crop Management Report below, showing customer-specific recommendations for corn.

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