Data Management

In the world of precision Ag, there is no greater need for good data management. Any decision for zone delineation, variable rate applications, or on-farm trials must be made using the best available data. Accurate data. Data that goes beyond an obsolete soil mapping unit layer. Our experienced precision Ag specialists work with customers to use all available data layers for accuracy before they are used in a precision ag application. We then create implementable management zones for soil testing, planting, and fertilization that reflect yield potential.

RtC uses the FieldAlytics platform to deliver our data management & precision ag services. Information can be directly uploaded to FieldAlytics or permission into FieldAlytics through your JD Ops Center, AgFiniti, or Climate Fieldview account. Customers have their own FieldAlytics account, accessible through a desktop computer or FA mobile app, where they can view data and manage and record in-field activities – variety, fertility, manure applications, etc. FA also provides on-the-go visibility of fertility needs (by integrating recent soil test results) and access to in-season NDVI satellite Imagery to help you identify and address in-field issues before they become yield-limiting.

Building on the FieldAlytics app, Rosetree’s data management service ensures your data is cleaned and integrated with soil layers, fertility data, etc., to assist in creating data-driven plans that will address the needs of each field (and sub-field). Having good data as your baseline ensures your decisions provide the highest return on investment. This service is available for Pennsylvania fields/farms with yield data and is a required foundation for

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