Nutrient Management and Manure Management

We appreciate our customers’ trust in us to provide them with more than just a Plan on paper. Writing and getting a plan approved are only part of what you should expect from a plan writer. Nutrient Management and Manure Management Plans should make sense and provide your farm with a clear path for compliance. Our staff takes the time to get to know your farm’s goals and objectives, discusses with you any environmental concerns that need to be addressed, and helps to create a realistic timeline for practice implementation. After plan approval, we work closely with our customers to complete required record-keeping and reporting and communicate to regulatory agencies on our customer’s behalf. The “after approval” work results in all of your record-keeping being complete and in one place so that you can have successful, low-stress site visits with regulatory agency staff.

All Pennsylvania farms that produce or utilize manure are required to have a nutrient management and manure management plan in place. A Manure Management Plan is necessary for farms with fewer than 2.0 Animal Equivalent Units per acre. For those operations exceeding 2.0 Animal Equivalent Units per acre, an Act 38 Nutrient Management Plan is needed. Not sure which one you need? Call us, and we will help you calculate your Animal Equivalent Units.

For either type of plan, our certified plan writers typically make 1-2 site visits to your farm to collect data and identify issues that may negatively impact water quality. We discuss issues before plan development and meet to review plans before they are submitted. Our staff can handle soil and/or manure tests necessary for plan development. We work with your manure importers to ensure they have the necessary paperwork for importing manure.

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