Agricultural and Environmental Services in Shippensburg, Pennsylvania

Make more informed decisions that result in increased yields, successful regulatory compliance, and improved profitability for their farms.

Rosetree Consulting offers a comprehensive suite of agricultural and environmental services tailored to the needs of local farmers in and around Shippensburg, Pennsylvania. From precision soil testing to crop scouting and comprehensive nutrient management planning, our expertise ensures optimal yields and sustainable practices. Additionally, we provide specialized services such as CAFO permitting and Odor Management Plan Development to address environmental concerns and regulatory compliance. With a commitment to excellence and a deep understanding of Shippensburg’s unique agricultural ecosystem, Rosetree Consulting is the trusted partner for cultivating success while preserving the environment.

Lindsey Schoch

Lindsey Schoch, CCA

Agronomist & Regulatory Consultant

Serving Snyder, Perry, Juniata, Union & Northumberland Counties in Pennsylvania

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Data Managment Shippensburg Pa Rosetree Consulting